me and Jamie
Mr. and Mrs. Wright go to Hawaii

I love my Lord Jesus Christ, my beautiful wife & her perfect smile, my incredible resilient children, my sweet church family.

I hate sin, disease, idols, failure. Disunity sucks too.

I am a technology junkie. I would rather do it with an app, than the old fashion way.

I love exploring and tasting wine, especially with my beautiful bride.

I love music and would count it joy to explore new combination of notes, rhythms, melodies. I get lost in songs that speak to my heart.

I am fascinated with sight, light, color, contrast, nuance, hue and photography. One of the hobbies I would love to explore more would be to travel and photograph the world.

The Word of God is living, dynamic, multi-faceted and powerful. I love to listen to it declared boldly, preached, exalted, proclaimed. One of my “driving hobbies” is listening to sermons. I love it when God sheds a different light on a familiar passage, challenging me and refining my heart.

I love to read. Love to think. Love to grow.

I am truly blessed.