Double Bubble Trouble

double bubble chewing gum

You know what ruins a large ziplock bag of chocolate candy? Yep… just one lousy piece of Double Bubble gum!

Despite all our efforts, one of our kids managed to leave a single piece of double bubble gum in their halloween candy bag. Today when we decided to have a few pieces from it, I was sickened when I bit into a Reese’s buttercup that tasted peculiarly like it had been infused (and tainted) with double bubble gum.

Why must DB chewing gum be the “banana” of the candy family?! Why must it share its obnoxiously artificial bubble gum smell with all of its candy neighbors?? Apparently I am the only one who has ever experienced this, because I googled this and could not find *ANY* evidence that others have been equally appalled at its rudeness. Instead I just found evidence that it has absolutely no nutritional value <shocker> and apparently “double bubble” is a strain of cannabis that smells like gum <who knew>.

I think next halloween our kids will bring two bags: one for the “good” candy, and another for the “rejects” including Double Bubble gum.


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