Reflect on What Matters Most

When we find our task lists growing and we struggle with the need to endlessly prioritize the work on our plate, it is exactly then that we must stop, breathe, and remember that what really matters in this life is not how much work we were able to accomplish, or how organized we were, or even a measure of the energy we expelled to go from A to B. It is then that we must take our eyes off the mirror, look around us and reflect on what really matters most: the people in this world that we have had an effective influence on, the lives we have positively changed.

Think about it this way: when our short lives are over, we won’t be remembered for that report we wrote, or the work project we completed, or how maticulously organized we kept our lives. The burning memories that will result in our legacy will be all the times we helped tutor the homework subject of the day, and the big bear hugs we gave freely, the words of encouragement, and the deep, meaningful conversations we engaged in, the passionate kisses we gave, and the moments we cared enough to share about the greater Love we have found.

Don’t stop short here: It isn’t enough to just reflect on this and agree, for we will never be remembered for our intentions.

Two Little Words to Say Quickly, Say Often

im sorry
These two words by themselves are small and inconsequential. But when they are coupled together they become very strong. In fact, the power in this rarely uttered phrase is truly profound. It’s a great example of what Solomon was talking about when he said, “The tongue has the power of life and death.” (Proverbs 18:21 NIV)

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